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Matrice Littles,

doula client

“I would absolutely recommend Rachel. Rachel is one of the strongest, most loving, and most compassionate people you will ever know. She listens. She learns. She adapts. And most of all, she loves wholeheartedly. In my weakest and most exhausted moments, Rachel was there to support me and keep me committed to my birth plan. She made sure that each and every decision I made was my own, and for that I am forever grateful."

Destiny Mathews,

certified birth and postpartum doula

"Very fun, open, honest, transparent, with a mothering spirit! Perfect!"

Peyton Harper, teen certified doula


“This class was an easy way to collab with other doulas. Mrs. Rachel is down with Black families and she tries to communicate that through teaching, touching! Her presence will have you loving her!”

I LOVE being a doula and so will YOU!

Growing up, I listened to my mother speak about birthing us naturally and breastfeeding us. I saw the pictures of me and my sister being born at home. So I thought...heck that's what women were created to do and had always intended to do the same.

I'd always show up for my friends and families births, recording them and encouraging them to birth naturally. In some cases there was push back from families and medical professionals...


In my naivety I didn't understand the dynamics that can create fear around birth. I truly believed that women were created to birth and feed naturally without much outside interference.


That was until my cousin requested that I be her doula. I responded, "Girl let me go get some education or a certificate or something!" and became a birth and postpartum doula through two certifying bodies. 


The most important lessons I gained was:

1. Birthwork is instinctual. Much of what you need, you already have...especially if you have women around you encouraging natural birth and breastfeeding practices.

2. Fathers can be natural doulas and with the right training, a father can give all the support to his mate and it tends to strengthen family bonds.

3. Fear, trauma, and even death surrounds too many birthing stories, especially when it comes to Black women as a result of unnecessary medical interference and lack of knowledge.


4. A woman's body can BIRTH a nation! It's WAY to sacred to be "willy nilly" out here allowing access to any ole Joe. 


That fourth reason is one of the main reasons we decided to offer classes to teens.


How many of us were not truly educated around the sacredness of sex, pregnancy, family building, future legacies, it's impact on community, and the rest? How much better would it be if both young men and women had better training and knowledge of self that could shift our generations and outcomes for our children? 

If we can birth them well, train them well, and educate them to life we can build up families the way that God intended and change the narrative for our children's children! 


We have room for young ladies ages 14-99 in our training sessions that are offered in-person OR virtually. 


If you would like to me as your doula, I would LOVE you serve your family! CLICK below to book your FREE consultation! 



Join our TRIBE!

1. Rachel Jones is an award-winning educator. To understand our approach to learning, read Homeschooling Coolnerds Style. 


2. Google our body of work and decide if you would like to join our tribe of learners!


3. Book your class!

4. Get ready to fall in love with learning and become a birth and postpartum doula! 

Fees for our training are very affordable investment! Why?

  • Historically, midwives would train young ladies regularly as part of their routine. 

  • Birthwork combats genocide. Finish the training successfully so we can get to the HEART work!

  • $400 for the course, additional fees are incurred if CPR and food handling certifications are needed. 

Training Fees

  • What curriculum do we use?
    Birthing and raising children is part of life and LIFE is EDUCATION! We use a wide range of educational materials, especially those that are Afro-centric and encourage knowledge of self. We also use a wide range of hands on experiences, travel opportunities, guest speakers, workshops, online courses, farms, experiments, healing circles, family gatherings, etc. ALL are designed to educate the whole person~spirit, mind, and body.
  • Can young doulas attend hospital births?
    Yes! Some of our youth who have completed the training have already attended births! In many cases they need to be at least 16 to attend hospital births and there is no age restriction when attending home births or birthing centers.
  • When can I start working with clients?
    As soon as you finish your training! As a matter of fact, we will show you how to obtain clients before completing the course. Use the course and all of the connections that you will gain to build a solid foundation without limits!
  • Can I obtain more training in this field?
    YES! As a matter of fact, many of our students have gone on to become lactation consultants, midwife assistants, nannies, herbalists and more! Some have gone on to be hired as community doula agencies. Many emerging companies love to hire doulas because they are mature, flexible, and quick learners!
Homeschoolers successfully graduating high school.
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