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The Coolnerds
Healed people heal people 



Our mission: Teach a man to teach a man to fish. 

Our motto: Healed people heal people. 


Our Approach

We work closely with families to assist in cultivating a plan that will encourage growth in parent-child relationships, self-discipline, responsibility, true leadership, and knowledge of self. 

Educational Leadership Training

Does your family seek to develop an African and Christ centered homeschooling environment focused on developing freed minds and strong legacies?


We would love to set up a training with your family!

We had an awesome time learning in Birmingham today! #coolnerds #travel #daytrips #memphis

Teaching and Learning

Homeschooling allows us to learn freely whether are in the classroom, a waterfall, the garden, or the mountains!

Parents are the first teacher. 

It takes a responsible village to raise responsible youth! Homeschooling requires parents to actively participate in the educational process. Learn more about our structure and practical ways to have all hands on deck!


Coolnerds. Coolherbs. Coolbirths.

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