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Join our Tribe

The Coolnerds is an African and God-centered educational tribe designed to cultivate young minds and talent. 


In addition to teaching youth, we educate parents who would like to teach their own and assist them with successful high school graduation and post graduate planning.


Coolnerds Parents are

  • open minded

  • highly motivated 

  • willing to challenge their youth to thrive.  


Coolnerds are:

  • 8th-12th graders

  • hard workers

  • not afraid to try

  • committed to knowledge, truth and self-leadership. 

Our class schedule is:

  • Monday and Tuesdays via Zoom

  • 9am-2pm

  • Wednesdays is a flex day to include independent work, local internships, and additional certification courses.

Apply in 4 easy steps!

1. Read-Homeschooling Coolnerds Style. 


2. Schedule a 30 minute Tribe Meet & Greet.

  • Bring your questions, your tribe, and school transcripts or last report card.


3. Upon acceptance, complete our enrollment process.

4. Get ready to fall in love with learning!

Tuition and Fees

Fees for educational assistance:

  • $150 application fee (one time fee)

  • $600 monthly for online classes (10 month cycle)

  • $650 monthly for seniors 

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