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The Coolnerds are a collaborative of passionate parents, educators, and homeschooled students working in an intimate African and Christ-centered setting designed to cultivate young minds and talent. We are intentional about meeting students where they are to develop them creatively and intellectually.  We offerings training and can even help parents graduate their children successfully (and even early) then send them into their futures with little to no debt. 


We seek to train parents of students who want to cultivate:

  • intellectual potential

  • high motivation

  • strong parental support to succeed in an academically challenging learning environment.


Successful candidates will have a:

  • strong work ethic

  • willing spirit 

  • Christ-mind

  • genuine commitment to knowledge, truth and self-leadership. 

Ready to Apply?

1. Google us to learn more about our body of work! 


2. Read our step-by-step guide BEFORE scheduling an interview~Homeschooling Coolnerds Style. 


3. Schedule a family consultation

  • Bring your family and student along with school transcripts.

  • We will interview your tribe to assess the needs of your family.

  • Students may be given written, verbal and hands on tasks to complete.

  • We will introduce you to our tribe answer any questions you many have. 

  • Multiple sessions may be needed.


4. If students need to enroll in an umbrella program, students will need:


Our fees are designed to fund real educational solutions and maintain an intimate, intentional learning space. Bartering services deemed useful to AJCES is a negotiable payment option. 


Fees for educational assistance:

  • one non-refundable $160 consultation fee

  • $600 monthly for online classes (10 month cycle)

  • additional trainings require additional fees

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  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
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