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Our Educational Philosophy 

The Coolnerds concept is a community model where a small cohort of youth are led by passionate educational leaders called parents, full of integrity. We lead and teach from a Christ and Afro centered perspective and our curriculum is developed creatively around the needs of the students and families we serve. The school-prison-pipeline is real as are the various entities (see chart) seeking to exploit the physical and intellectual properties of our youth. We have created a real solution to educational chaos.


The Coolnerds Mission

Our mission is: to teach a man to teach a man to fish. We know that youth must be trained to utilize their God-given gifts to make a difference for their children’s children. Therefore, we place a high value on reading, math, writing, thinking, and self-control while upholding the highest levels of integrity in order to ensure we are all doing our part. We teach practices  that supports the role of our parents so that our goals manifest.

Our Vision & Values

  • Self-discipline

  • Accountability

  • Problem Solving

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Knowledge of Self

  • Servant Leadership

  • Traditional family development

Tribe Leaders  

The Coolnerds are committed to helping parents become effective leaders in the art of teaching. This task requires HEART work and creativity. We believe this works best when there is a working atmosphere of peace and freedom! Each our of leaders must strive to maintain the highest integrity and accountability in order to keep our vision alive and thriving.

Rachel C. Jones
The Coolest Nerd

I founded this exciting Christ and African centered educational solution to freely educate my own children and to encourage Black and Brown families to do the same.


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Dustin A. Jones

I work closely with my wife to develop young leaders and encourage successful marriages, fatherhood, and balanced learning spaces. 


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