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Learning Coolnerds Style

We offer a variety of services to support Black and Brown thought leaders of today and tomorrow!


We use LIFE as our learning lab~Coolschooling!


We are impacting the culture positively and our students prove that everyday! 


Through years of educational leadership, trial and error, and powerful, personal experiences we have developed the BEST method to journey into the FREEDOM of homeschooling.  


Click the link for our step by step guide to COOLschooling!

You'll receive fresh ideas and confirmation that will empower you to free your family from the oppression of miseducation! 




Middle and High HomeschoolTutorial 


One of our students said, "Is it me? Or are we having a ball during a pandemic?!". This is by design! What better time to grab our youth and young adults and expose them to all that LIFE has to offer


We only have classes 3 days a week. During that time we've read multiple though provoking novels, served the homeless, obtained CPR and hunting certifications, travelled to waterfalls, mountains, and beaches, cooked with the best chefs, learned art from a Memphis legend, and even certified some of our students as doulas (birth workers).


Learning opportunities are endless, even in this ever changing world!


College and Career Planning

This pic is just ONE of the amazing wedding gifts left for our family! I'm so proud and so

Our graduates have gone on to do some amazing things! Some have graduated as early as age 14 and have gone on to their dream universities, others have opted out of more schooling and into life independently and financially grounded. Some are medical professionals, musicians, stylists, educators, and entrepreneurs. There are endless opportunities available for our youth today and we support that fully by exploring options that allows each student to travel their own paths. 

Family Life Coaching 

Communicating ideas...jpg

As we know, there is no manual for parenting. But with an intentionally built village families and marriages thrive! One of our major focuses is on the growth and rebuilding of the Black family structure as one of the greatest stabilizers of our youth. We are committed to being part of the village that will see stronger families creating intentionally healed legacies! 

Birth and Postpartum Doula


We support a community of Black and Brown families and their new babies. We work alongside Zemekia Pearson-Lockett, founder of Blooming Lotus Birthing Services, to add more birthing doulas to our community to support healthy and safe births. Email to learn more. 

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